I certainly don’t consider Butch women to be masculine or manly in any way. Butch women are women and my sisters. They are not ‘like men’. The reason Butches are seen as ‘masculine’, is because our society leaves no room for the non-performance of femininity in women. When women refuse to perform femininity, they are labelled masculine because we don’t have a word for non-performance. There is the word ‘androgynous’ but I don’t think it’s applicable in the case of Butch women, or indeed any woman, because androgynous means, “having the characteristics or nature of both male and female.” Butches only have the characteristics and nature of females. Because they are female.

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I wrote a paper on this last semester!!!

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there needs to be more support of butch lesbians and gender nonconforming women


I was going to say that Emma Watson could have chosen to address WoC and Lesbians but instead went for men, and what that says about her feminism.

But then she really did that all by herself when she gave another interview stating that 

a) Beyoncé is not a feminist

and b) putting emphasis on that being a feminist doesn’t mean to be unpretty and unfeminine (dogwhistle much)

In other words, she’s a racist lesbophobe and you need to stop supporting her.

The Last of Us characters + quotes


when are we going to stop with this whole “feminism = gender equality” bullshit

it’s not about equality. it’s about liberation. it has never been about equality. our patriarchal society recognizes two and only two sex classes: oppressor and oppressed. rights do not come with being equal to your oppressor. they come from taking what has been stolen from you and stripping your oppressor of their power over you, your sisters, and your world.

i don’t want to be equal to men. i don’t want to become like a man. i want to tear down his entire power system and reassert a brand new one where there is no such thing as gender, no set of stereotypes tied to one sex or the other that will mark the way my sisters are treated - no more being quiet and unassuming, no more allowing men into our movements and our spaces, no more gently trying to mend something that is fundamentally broken and can never work in our favor

If being woman is just a feeling


How do you explain the institutional oppression of them all over the world?

Is it just a weird coincidence or what?

Is it because oppressors know who currently “feels” like a woman?

Identity politics can’t explain this.


flirting with your crush like


Sexism is when people laugh at rape jokes and cringe at female anatomy.
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